Our Story

Silkraft journey started in 2013, launching its first trading unit in Wimbledon Centre Court Shopping Centre.  Being the first to show to UK market the beauty of handmade silk, which has ancient history of Silk Road Trade Silk, was the best treat for the Wife of Emperor. The earliest known history of Silk Road dates to 14th century of the emperor. Since then the silk making flourished and its popularity gave the road its name: "Silk Road".

All of our products are made with finest silk from heart of the Silk Road –Central Asia. Our natural merino wool with distinctive use of pattern and hand dye colour. Because we believe it’s the little things that matter. Scarves made of thinnest possible silk which was crafted by unique handmade technology of thread unweaning from a cocoon and yam dying, which make our silk one of the best in the world.

Silkraft has a broad variety of accessories made exclusively by hand from the beginning to the end from natural materials such as silk, merino wool, leather and natural stones.

Silkraft believes everyone should enjoy the treats of the Emperor and feel the natural benefits that silk can give.

Complete your outfit with our gorgeous accessorize with variety of colours and see through light silk scarves.

"Silkraft believes – everyone should enjoy the treats of Emperor. We Crafted to be Loved"